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The 1959 World Series was a rematch of the Fall Classic that took place in 1958, and like 1958 by virtue of their regular season record, the Peoria Chiefs appeared to be the favorites to defeat the Hill Valley Lightning Bolts.  The Chiefs had won 106 games and managed to hold off the Wilmington Hornets to win the Eastern Division Championship.  Their opponent, the Hill Valley Lightning Bolts had won the Western Division by seventeen games, but had failed to crack the century mark in wins.  Well, sometimes history has a way of repeating itself.  Although not as dominant as they were in the 1958 World Series, Hill Valley did manage to defeat Peoria 4 games to 2, compiling three shutouts in the process.
When it began, the 1958 World Series looked like a mismatch.  The Peoria Chiefs had won 100 games and stormed to the Eastern Division Championship.  Their opponent, the Hill Valley Lightning Bolts had won the Western Division by eleven games, but had only managed 89 wins, and had lost 11 of 14 contests versus the Chiefs.  Well, that's why they play the games.  Not only did Hill Valley win the World Series, but it did so in convincing fashion in a 4 games to 1 defeat of Peoria.
The 1957 World Series was a matchup between two 100+ win teams, the Eastern Division's Peoria Chiefs, and the Western Division's So Cal Knights.  The series started at So Cal with a 3-2 knights win that was close throughout.  In game 2, the Chiefs, behind the offense of Willie Mays, and the pitching of Harvey Haddix, seized home field advantage with a 7-3 win.  Next the series shifted to Peoria where the Knights took two of three, and almost closed the Chiefs out in 5.  But, Peoria managed to piece together a come from behind victory with 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth inning of game 5 staving off elimination.  The teams then traveled back to So Cal where the Chiefs managed to edge the Knights in two close contests.  The decisive blow came off the bat of Charlie Maxwell, whose two run home run in the top of the eleventh inning of game seven was too much for the Knights to overcome.
After making the playoffs for two consecutive seasons, the Chiefs ended the 1956 season in a tie for first place in the Eastern Division with the Wilmington Hornets.  The two teams then squared off in a three game tie breaker that counted as part of the regular season.  Unfortunately, Wilmington was the better team in this series, and won two games to one.
In 1955, after a disappointing conclusion to the prior season in which the Chiefs dropped the World Series to the Oswego Panthers, Peoria was all business.  After winning the Eastern Division by 11 games, the Chiefs advanced to the World Series again, and this time, made quick work of the Butte Stompers in a 4-0 series sweep.
In the inaugural season of the AARBL, the Peoria Chiefs squared off with the Oswego Panthers for the league crown.  Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the Panthers had their number, and took the series four games to one.